Ming WanLin Poly Chrome Vase

Started by smak, Nov 18, 2019, 22:59:47

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Hi guys!

Just bought this vase, wonder what your thoughts are on this!

I believe its WanLin era? But let me know what your thoughts are!

When do you think this might be made? Is this kinda hard to find/ come by?



  It reminds me of Zhangzhou polychrome decorated  vase.


I'm afraid this is not Ming Wanli for several reasons.
The bottom looks old, but the painted decoration shows no abrasion, nor shows the mouth any usage signs, as they invariably do with genuinely old ones.

The neck shows Ming style banana leaves, but the stylized lotus petals directly below these and those along the bottom as well, are in Yuan style. Ming has quite a number of painting styles for lotus petals, but Yuan uses specifically this type, with a small space between the individual petals. This one might be possible only in the Hongwu reign, the first reign immediately after the Yuan dynasty.
But the mix of Yuan and Ming styles, and the lack of usage signs means probably it is repainted or new.

Many red-green items are repainted due to heavy abrasion; here is all too perfect.