Song/ Yuan Grey Porcelain Jar

Started by smak, Oct 15, 2019, 01:40:26

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Hi guys!

Need your thoughts on this! When was this made? I've never seen a grey porcelain like this before! Need your input! Is it rare/ uncommon to have such colors?

Size is 4" tall and 5" Diam



This is not a Chinese glaze.
Not sure if this foot is Japanese, but unlikely Korean. I would try finding something similar among SE Asian ceramics. But not sure with this either. Could as well be from outside Asia.


The bottom looks Japanese to me they often have a flat foot, however the color and decoration look more Korean.


Thanks guys!

Stan, how old do you think this is? Or when this might be made?



To Stan:
Yes, I have noted some similarity to certain Korean designs, but the base does not look Korean at all. And virtually all of the older Korean wares were fired on stilts placed on the foot rim. Here there are no traces of such.
I have never seen such a gray glaze on antique porcelain from anywhere. The reason is simply the limited colors available in early porcelain. That is one of the reasons why I think that is also possible that the glaze is not that old, i.e. that the item might have been re-glazed. The appearance of fissures or wrinkles in a glaze is usually caused by firing related problems.  I'm yet to see items that were intentionally made to look that way.
Whatever the actual source of this or similar ceramics is, please post here if you find out about it.