Late Qing Plaque ?

Started by calder, Oct 12, 2019, 03:38:50

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Quite an informative site for people that collect qianjiang.


I have looked at some of these items already before my last post. I do not think that what I wrote about a re-worked painting is invalid.
Personally I find the vase painting and those below it most typical for qianjiang, and the faces look more natural. You will also note that the black lines generally are not really black but gray.
But the links provide more information on the painter himself.
The different handwriting of the top and lower plaque, and different seal, could be due to different age, but I'm not sure what ?? means here.
The different writing style is sometimes due to painters changing their style during their active period. I would find the face of the lower plaque more natural and typical for the Qianjiang period.


Thank you Peter for all your help.