Started by kardinalisimo, Sep 22, 2019, 09:35:22

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Obviously a contemporary piece but not sure if Chines, Japanese or Korean?


Hi Kardinalisimo, I would think Japanese just the way it was signed, on the front of the vase, the Japanese are the only one's I know that signed that way, and I agree very contemporary, nice vase though, sorry I can't help with the mark perhaps Peter can tell us if this is the makers mark or name.


Not sure about the mark but the decoration is very much Japanese taste...not necessarily very old, though.


Thanks for then opinions. Maybe the mark reads Jingdezhen?


Looks as if it is indeed saying Jingdezhen, but the writing style is not typical at all for Chinese porcelain, neither is the painting style; Chinese markings are normally in neat characters even with hand writing, except perhaps for Qianjiang wares. The place where it (the marking) is placed is also quite unlikely for older wares.
And, the decoration still looks more Japanese. So you might have something made for Japan or which has been been influenced by Japanese styles. The thin, high shape without a neck is also not a traditional Chinese shape.
If that is something made in China, it would have to be very recent, in my view. Decoration style, marking, shape are too modern for anything traditional Chinese.