GuangXu Export Temple Vase?

Started by smak, Sep 19, 2019, 21:53:02

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Hi guys,

Need your take on this!

It looks to be an export?
vase weighs 23.4 pounds and measures 22" tall by 14" wide at the fattest section by 7 and 1/4" across at the top opening

When was this made?


This looks New to me and the shape is odd for Chinese traditional Antiques.


There was a temple jar with that decoration exported in the Qianlong reign. I think the ribbed shape of the body is possible, but the lid rim shape is unlikely.  The mark and foot rim look indeed like Guangxu, but not the decoration. Probably most of the B/W export ceased or decreased after the Daoguang reign and later designs were different.
The bottom and interior of lid and jar look all too new, in my opinion.


Hmm thanks Peterp!

When do you think this was made then? COuld  this be a forgery?


Forgery?  A later imitation is not necessarily a fake. I cannot see any signs that they wanted it to appear older than it probably is. With a Guangxu item of that size I would expect some glaze spots either on the bottom or inside of mouth.


Apologies, I was trying to speculate its age. WHen do you think this was made? The guangxu double circles was what made me think it was of that age and made for export but something just looked off to me.


Sure I was aware why you probably thought it might be Guangxu.
Basically, I think it may have been made in the 20th century, but with such items it is difficult to tell more exactly when with such pieces. I do not wish to be guessing when.
All elements of the Qianlong decoration are present, albeit with some different proportions and painting style. The blue looks different, darker here. Main difference is the shape. The Qianlong item is round (both jar and lid), and has a lion as knob. There are no ribs, etc. and the Qianlong version seems to have a flat bottom.
Items that copy Qianlong export patterns are not plenty. It is more usual to find Kangxi type decorations in Guangxu imitations of items from earlier reigns. And, I have never seen a late Qing item copying the typical decoration found along bottom and shoulder.
If you have not bought this yet, I would advise not to. It is a risk. If you have it already, keep looking for export porcelain of the 20th century, perhaps to the US.
Again, the glaze looks too pristine in my view.


Thanks Peterp, I did not buy it, I saw the weird rigid shaped vase, and the Guangxu mark and was speculating it might be an export. Never saw one shaped like that! Thought I'd ask! Thanks again Peterp!