Vase famille verte

Started by konniela, Jul 30, 2019, 17:01:14

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Hello everybody,

I wonder, if this large vase (ca.97 cm) can be made in 19.century. It looks like famille verte, may be Kangxi style. Right now, I have no photo from the foot rim and I can not get one before the weekend. But may be the colours and painting style can tell about age.




Without a picture of the bottom and interior it is difficult to tell more, but I would recommend to stay away from this. The black lines look suspicious. One thing is that with many (not all) Qing dynasty items the outlines of object are painted in the same color or thin, gray lines.  E.g. a green leaf might have dark green contours or ribs painted.
Here most of these lines are black. Further, many of the lines have intermittent breaks, as for example the lines depicting the hairs in the tail of the mythical animal, or the lines inside the banana leaves. Such intermittent lines would be really complicating the painting process and often they mean that those lines are printed, while the colors were filled by hand.


I can see what you mean with the black lines, some parts looks really printed, I have not seen this before.  When I can get more photos in the next days, I will show them, but this vase seems to more from 20.century.

Thanks once more