Big plate - pattern on both sides

Started by haukech, Jun 18, 2019, 00:17:38

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Dear All,
I came across this plate some time ago, and while I suspected it would be a later product because of its state, I have still not seen anything similar in pattern. I also suspected that the colours were added later as the blue ink, I would very much welcome your help on this.


Hi Haukech, this is done in the Wucai style, I am not seeing any age signs, my guess it is late 20th century.


It is recommended to avoid items with a decoration on the bottom. They do exist, but they are very few and possibly imperial ware. 


Hi, there are age signs but not that many chips. For me what is worth mentioning is that it seems they fired first blue underglaze and then other colours.
Also its a quite heavy item but it does not sign that there were two parts stick together.
I have been teying to find some similar items (patters) without mich success.


Plates were made in one piece, mostly. This one has a mark from the early Ming period, the bottom and foot rim look pristine. IF there are any age signs, they must be man-made because this type of colors and the fencai enamel did not exist before the Kangxi dynasty.
It is a modern item probably not meant to be a fake as there are too many features that do not fit an antique.
There are several types of porcelain which have the blue as underglaze color and the others on the glaze.