Awesome Foo Dog Lidded Jar

Started by tipton444, May 09, 2019, 00:32:13

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Hey guys,

Well, I think I finally found something neat, but I'll see what you guys think as I've been wrong before.  I found this lidded jar in a consignment shop as a lamp, and I recently de-lamped it hoping to find some marks or something to show age.  I bought it because of the great quality of the foo dogs, and because I noticed the very early bakelite plug it had.  I can't seem to find any other jars with a design like this, but I am finding a lot of late 19th and early 20th century lidded jars.

Anyways, can someone tell me what the character marks on the bottom say?  It's too bad the lamp hole is going right through it.

I'm hoping this has some age to it, possibly 19th/20th century? or is it Republic? 

They made these style jars for many centuries right?  Does the 6 sided panels have a certain name?  Are they in fact ginger jars?

The foot rim is pretty dirty, is that how some of these were made, or is it from being on the carved wood base?  You can actually see the imprint it left on the base over time. 


More Pictures, including before and after lamp


Sorry, the pictures quality came out terrible because I tried to reduce the size, but here's a better one hopefully.


These are really bad pictures, but it looks like 20th century to me.


I agree, 20th century with such colors, despite the lion motif. The mark might (80% not recognizable) be a Kangxi mark, apocryphal of course.
May I suggest paying attention to the base, as the foot rim seldom has such a color, naturally; it just doesn't get that color of brown. If the dirt cannot be removed it was dyed to look that way.


Thanks for the replies,

Stan did you see the last two pictures I put up? 

Peter, at the end of my questions I was asking about the foot rim being dirty... and in my second post I posted a picture of the carved wooden base which it was sitting on, and you can see the drastic color difference in the wood.  I was wondering if the nasty color could be from sitting on that, or just dyed to look old?



Hi Tipton, much better pictures, I really do not think that the stain in the wood would bleed that much, did you try washing it off with soapy water? the rough bottom and applied dirt makes me think later in the 20th century, could you post another picture of the bottom, it could have been just a bad picture, I have done that in the past where I found something that I really got excited about and posted only to find out the colors I posted were not accurate and had to redo them, I have learned to take fairly good pictures since.