Jingdezhen hand painted porcelain vase

Started by Rajet, Apr 04, 2019, 02:52:27

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Hello, all!  Please help me with identifying this vase.  It is around 16 1/2" tall and weighs 7 lbs., 4oz.  I bought this from a very sweet elderly couple who are downsizing to move to Indonesia to be with their daughter (seriously, I could have talked to them for hours).  The woman said she loved this vase because of the depiction of the little girl cuddling up to her father as they watch brother practice his writing.  She said that "in that era", she rarely saw depictions of such love between a father and daughter.  I don't know what she means by "in that era" so I believe she was reminiscing about her own childhood as she couldn't describe the age of the vase.  Never-the-less, I wholeheartedly agree that it is a lovely depiction of a father with his children.

I'm trying so hard to learn how to identify Chinese porcelain wares.  The bottom says Jingdezhen but that's about all I know so far.  I think it has a cyclical date on it.  If so, could someone point it out to me and tell me what it says?  Is the "Z" with the line through it a part of the date?  If so, is it the year of the rat?

Appreciate any and all input, especially regarding who the artist is, reign, and what the writing says.

Thank you sincerely!  Rajet




This is not a traditional shape, and the painting, although depicting an old motif, is probably from the last twenty or thirty years at the most, I would think.


Thank you, Peter!  I would like to know the artist name.  I really would like to see some of the artist's other works, if possible.  I really like his/her style.  Any suggestions on how to find out?