4 Claw Dragon w/ Crane Jar?

Started by smak, Mar 15, 2019, 10:01:05

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Hi all,

Whats your input on this?
22 1/2" tall and about 13 1/2? in diameter.

When was this made?
Where was this made?
Why is there a 4 claw dragon?


This appears to be a Martaban jar. Those in SE Asia are more likely to find one or know more about them. Generally said the Chinese in China or here in Taiwan do know little or nothing about the existence of these.
The name comes from the port of Martaban in Burma (now called Mottama), where they were shipped from. Martaban jars were made in Southern China, somewhere in Yunnan I believe, from where it was simpler to transport them south to Burma than all the way to central or coastal China. They can be found in many places in SE Asia.
But please note that the term Martaban apparently is also used with Burmese made pottery shipped from that port.
I cannot help with age. In current Chinese literature Martaban jars made in China are usually not mentioned.

You might be interested in this:  www.princessehof.nl/img/uploads/jars_research_Eva.pdf


As always Peterp!

I really appreciate your input and the lesson!

Many Thanks,