Blue and white brush pot. Authentic? Qing?

Started by Tommy123, Feb 19, 2019, 20:29:33

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Hi there.

I'm new to this site and I was wondering if someone can help me in identifying and authenticating a brush pot I recently purchased.  It is about 11inches tall and quite heavy.  Thank you in advance!


Hi Tommy, the bottom is not a traditional bottom for Chinese Antique Porcelain, looks like a fake to me.


Thanks for the feedback Stan. Unfortunately, this site doesn't allow me to post high resolution photos so they probably are of limited use. 

I had it looked at by an antiques dealer and he thinks its is genuine because of the weight, color of the inside and out, and firing flaws.  He gave me an estimate of 19th century.  Interestingly, he did have a brush pot with the similar bottom as mine except his also had a reign mark.  Fun stuff!


As Stan said, this is a fake. This type of brown bottom color is typical for items soiled artificially, but real antiques rarely look that way. The blue pigment is too dark too.


Thanks guys for your feedback.  Much appreciated!