Japanese vase ?

Started by Xana, Dec 28, 2018, 17:04:41

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Can anyone tell me a bit more about this vase? Is it Japanese? Chinese?
It is 31cm high.
thank you!


I believe this say's Yu-zan and is from the mid 20th century, Yu-zan is the name of a Japanese potter.


I went searching, because Yuzan is not a common personal name, and found the following on the site of a 'Kaga Kutani Pottery Association':  Kawasaki Yuzan, real name Kawasaki Kenjiro, Yuzan seems to be the potter's artist name. He is related to Kutani or Ko-kutani (old Kutani). It appears to be a second generation potter.


I agree Peter, a second generation potter, the bright gold gives it away, I would never have thought Kutani, thanks for the information.


Thank you all for the information. If I were to sell it, can you recommend some sites? It was given to me by a great-aunt. Not really my style.