Yongli bowls???

Started by hoogenbosch67, Nov 15, 2018, 04:39:47

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Hello Peter, Stan,

I need some help in some objects whats your opinion. Yongli ming mark??

I have 3 of these (one in perfect condition - one with chip and one broken)

Greetings Jan



extra photos. I have sent only pictures of one of the bowls. The decoration of the second differs


The mark say's made during the Kangxi reign , I would say these are Guangxu period.


Looks like Kangxi M&P to me. I have never seen such a design on later porcelain, but the decoration and shape look like some used in the Kangxi reign on export porcelain.

(I am aware that four character Kangxi marks more often than not are from the Kangxi revival period (Guangxu), but those are mostly without a double ring. Kangxi reign marks on minyao porcelain are relatively few, but they do exist.)


Thanks Peter, I thought the blue color looked right for Kangxi but the 4 character mark threw me off, I have some small plates that I posted awhile back that also have the 4 character and double circle,  but I wasn't quite sure of the blue, thanks Peter.