HELP! Ming Dynasty Jar with Rabbit Hallmark

Started by smak, Oct 09, 2018, 23:39:14

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Hi all!

Need your help! Is this authentic? I have my doubts but need confirmation!

When was this made?
How common is this?
What is up with the Rabbit hallmark?



The mark on the bottom is called Hare a symbol of a rabbit usually seen on Kangxi items, looks like early kangxi to me.


Thanks Stan! As usual!

Also this does look authentic to you? Just want to confirm!



Also is this common?

Made for commoners or imperial palace? Or just wealthy class?


The main decoration is fake. This bird looks more like an ostrich than a phoenix or other Chinese bird. Overall this is imitating a Ming jar. The rabbit mark was used since the late Ming dynasty.
Not sure if the jar itself is old. Its bottom and shoulder decoration look like a Ming item, but the main decoration is incongruent with that period.
The many rust spots look suspicious. These appear usually on fakes. If they are painted on, they should not show any depth under a magnifier or microscope.