ID - Huge Marked Vase

Started by Deathgrip, Sep 25, 2018, 15:32:54

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I would be grateful if you can help me to identify this vase.

Best regards


This is a new Chinese vase, 21st century.


Hello Deathgrip......
You may have noticed of course that all of the pieces that show in the background of your photos are in fact reproductions with no years behind them at all. The vase you are intersted is just one more. All fake and sold at high prices. Hope that helps. Don't want to receive a grip of death there. Phew..... Best wishes D


Hi David,

Yes, the comments for the two big vases that I shared in Chinese Ceramics Discussion helped me a lot. So, I did not buy them.

It is also nice to see that my 3 vases which I shared in Japanese & Other Asian Ceramics are from 20th century.

Thank you so much for the comments.