Republic vase

Started by konniela, Sep 20, 2018, 16:43:55

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Hello again,

I am interested in this piece, I think it is from republic period, Jiangxi Ciye Gongsi, made between 1910 - 1949.
When I am right, I would like to know, if the inscription can tell, when it was exactly made.

Thanks to all


Yes Konniela, you are right for the mark.
I have a vase with the same mark that has been expertise as early Republic.
For better evaluation of period, pictures of decoration could help.

Best Regards,


Thank you, I forgot to post the photo of the decoration.


Depending on the size it is either a brush holder or incense stick holder.
The mark seems to be Jiangxi Yicheng (??) Gongsi, from the period you state. I think not before the 1930s, judging by the painting style of people.

That of Adriano is Jiangxi Tonghua (??) Gongsi, it seems. A bit earlier I would say.


Thank you Adriano once more, your post makes me sure and I could get it.

Also thanks to peterp for dating.


Hi Konniela, I think that this marks are from Jiangxi Porcelain Company, operating in Jingdezhen until 1949.
You can find references here: