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Started by giorgioNC, Sep 15, 2018, 04:46:25

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Good evening anyone,

Would anyone here be able to help me identify the marks under this vase? What type of mark is this? Not the typical script writing that I see online. I have spent days trying to find more information on this marking but to no avail.

Thank you in advance for any opinions provided.


It is an auspicious character mark, nothing related to manufacturer or era. You better upload full pictures for evaluation of age.


Hello again.

Per PeterP's input, Here are a couple more photos of the vase in question.

Would you call it a double gourd vase with dragons? I don't think its a cloisonne vase because it doesn't have any brass inlay. It does have a brass trim on top and bottom edge. Is this called enameled porcelain??? I really am not sure what this type of multi colored porcelain is called.

The vase is about 30cm in Diameter and about 50cm High

I believe the bottom right character is a "TANG" - HALL???

so possibly its marking is related to its location in one of the rooms in the forbidden palace?

That's just the best guess I have come up with based on my online research. But what style of lettering is this since its not the typical calligraphy that I see on line. Seems like a more primitive type writing.

This jar has been in my parents possession for at least 30 years.

Thanks again for anyone that can give me any further info.


My apology, I should have been more detailed. It says ???? ... it appears to be a word play  with the auspicuous character ????, whereas the last character was replaced by ?, which was used for stores, shops, etc.

Translating the word Tang as Hall is really too simple. Tang has many different uses, one of them is means the main room in a house (it can also be small). Thus the original auspicuous meaning would have been something like 'a house full of good fortune or happiness'.