Is these Japanese

Started by Rec, Sep 09, 2018, 18:21:38

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I dont have the bottom pic end a close up of the characters yet but i hope you  can help me ID with these pics.
Greetings, Rec


Hi Rec, Im not sure what these are, they do not appear to be traditional antique porcelain, but they look more Japanese than Chinese, maybe Peter can confirm with the writing.


No bottom picture?
The text is ???? (in black), ???? and ???? (left/right). Both have meaning in Chinese, but not in Japanese. If it were not for the wide mouth I would have thought these are liquor containers. The vase style looks modern, but could not tell where it is from, except that it is unlikely from Japan.


Thanks Peter, I was thinking Japanse because they seem to be out of the Chinese traditional decoration unless new.