green bowl

Started by heavenguy, Aug 22, 2018, 13:05:37

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hey guys.

i was wondering if you guys can help with this plate. Is it Japanese? im a little rusty on this. I think it was made to imitate the famille verte bowls from the 18th century. The mark i can't find one similar. any help will be of much help.


thank you in advance.


Hi Heavenguy, this is Japanese, Yamatoku means mountain virtue, 1980 to 2000, the ones I have with this mark look a little older like yours.


Hey Stan. Thank you very much for your input. Yes this one trick me a lot since it shows age like something you expect from a Meiji piece. it even has this lead Iradence on the paint. but thank you very much for the input, now i know. kudos