Qianlong vase with ship and 2 men

Started by faeded, Jul 15, 2018, 07:29:45

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I inherited recently.seems strange to have Englishmen on it
Any thoughts?


If the mark is on the same vase/jar, then it is difficult to tell where it was made. The mark is Chinese, but the decoration looks more Japanese, although only partially. The bottom is of the type that was made in the 20th century on Chinese porcelain. Thus, if it is Chinese, it would have to be newer.
The men depicted would probably be traders of the VOC. They do appear mostly this way on Japanese items, though, less frequently on Chinese ceramics. The black contour lines of the flowers in the background are obviously printed/transfer printed. The brush strokes give the impression as if someone re-painted part of the decoration.


Can you post a picture of the bottom, thanks.


I have tried many times to put pics up but fail.I will try again


Failed again
I made another thread earlier that has a pic of bottom and a bunch of links to pics I uploaded.


I must day to Peter I an amazed by your ability to identify. Thankyou for the info about the Vic.I never heard of such prior.


The vases belonged to a diplomat of some sort