Help with age of Chinese (?) Plate

Started by JulieA, Jun 20, 2018, 03:24:08

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I would really appreciate any information on the age and origin of this plate.

Thank you.


Hi juliea, could you post a close up picture of the decoration and of the crackle glaze also one of the foot showing the foot rim at an angle so I can see the shape of the foot inside and out, thanks.


Hi Stan,

Thanks for replying. Here are some more pics.


Thanks JulieA, for the additional photo's, the mark looks like a copy of a family name and the bottom looks 20th century to me, but lets wait and see what Peter say's.


Thank you for taking the time to look.


My first impression was that the painted decoration is not Chinese, but only has a Chinese motif, but the closeup pictures of the porcelain body indeed seem to show a Chinese body and glaze. If the foot rim is slanted inwards, on the outside, the body could be from the late 18 or early 19th century.
I have reservations about the painted decoration, though. Would need an inspection with magnifier to verify if body and decoration were made at the same time. The scribbling on the bottom is not any character of the CJK languages. This was added by someone having no idea of these Far Eastern languages. And, it looks as if it is on top of the glaze. Does it look as if someone used a felt pen or similar to write this? If it is underneath the glaze, I would go back to my initial impression, that it might have been painted in SE Asia bu someone not knowing Chinese. The painting style is not typical Chinese, only the motif is. They could have used a plain, crackled body to add the decoration at a later time. Again, this needs a hands-on inspection to decide.


Thank you so much for the detailed response. It does look like someone wrote on the bottom wit marker. It is not the same texture or color as the bluse on the front. The foot does slant inward too.