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Started by ssbill, Jun 14, 2018, 23:56:17

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This vase doesn't look very old to me. I'd like to double check with you what you think of it. It's coming from a collection with a few nice pieces. Thanks


Hi Ssbill, I get the same feeling, not old, I do not know much about Zun ware but this would be an arrow vase, which I think would be to  small for that had it been authentic, Im sure Peter can inlighten us both.


This is either a Song Guan vase or an imitation thereof.  Song Guan items were and are widely copied. If genuine Guan, then this would be rare and of high value. Unfortunately, as far as I know there are few 'experts' (museum, auction houses) who really are capable to judge them. For me the way to go would be a scientific authentication, specifically the element analysis via spectroscopy, mentioned in the main site.
Experts may all have different opinions on the same item, because they mostly know too little of them.
The gloss makes it seem new, but in the Southern Song dynasty there were two kilns manufacturing, and one of them produced high-gloss items.
The clay is likely dark brown to black. With fakes the foot rim is sometimes dyed to make it look that way. So, if the white specks on the foot rim is where white clay under a dyed surface is visible, then this is most likely a copy.
There are no usage or age signs visible, nor anything that hints to it being excavated.

Such Guan wares were copied throughout all dynasties after the Song dynasty. Some copies may still be antique, just not from the Song dynasty.


Bill, did you bring the jun censer to the auction house for hands-on inspection? If not yet, I would take this along.


Not at the auction house but I've shown it to a dealer in London and she confirmed it was for the Yuan dynasty. I haven't sold it because I don't need the money at the moment. Lately I've been focusing  more on european ceramic. Because you don't see them selling for millions at auction, there's usually less people looking for them so less competition(and easier to collect--less fake). Collection european ceramic is much more novice friendly...  I'm collecting a few pieces from the yuan song and tang dynasty and I'll probably try to put the lot for sale at auction later this year.