China or Japan?

Started by abderrahim, Jun 08, 2018, 22:01:56

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Tell me, please, is it China or Japan? Age and what is written on this porcelain?
Thank you all very much.


This is modern, and could have been made anywhere in my opinion there is nothing traditional about it.


Thank you Stan,
It's so difficult, be patient with us. We will learn. Thank you.


Hi Abderrahim, I can feel your frustration, but experience is the best teacher, Im just glad the we have Peter who was vert patient with me, believe it or not but experience develope's patience.
Hand on experience is the best teacher, you can handle the real Chinese antique porcelain at the high auctions it is a good way to get experience for free.


Thank you Stan for your valuable advice.

Im also glad we have Peter with us.


This sort of lidded mug is very popular nowadays here in Taiwan. It is often used by employees, etc. for keeping warm water or beverages on the desk during work.  Not a conventional shape.