Beautiful Chinese jar

Started by jdp384, May 26, 2018, 20:26:45

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I was wondering if anyone could help with the age and value of this jar?
I think the porcelain is polychrome according to the ebook I bought on this site.
The decoration is raised rather than the flat image and has gold gilding.
The basemark is Quinlong Zhi which is no indication for dating purposes but the red stamp was preferred in the 19th century. I have tried to find similar jar patterns but haven't found any to compare.
Thank you in antiipation


The shape and decoration point to late 20th century, not very collectable in my opinion.


Thank you.I'm not expecting any lottery finds I'm trying to learn more about piece itself how modern differs from antique. Plus I keep them for display at home.


There is lots of info on this site to help your knowledge. There are other sites too and many papers written on the subject. You just need to invest time. I thoroughly suggest visiting museums as much as possible and touching / holding pieces, even if it means going into an antique shop. Of course dealers should not have their time abused but they don't owe you anything and neither do you likewise. Being polite is a great policy. The internet has to be mined to get through the junk of sales sites. Universities are good sources.

Asian antiquities are a little addictive so beware. You can use up too much time......

Good luck and best wishes


Thank you, great advice. Unfortunately I am a bit restricted in being able to get out and about. But I will keep an eye out when I do get the opportunity. There is a plethora of information and much contradictory on the web. J