Blue vase with imperial dragong decoration

Started by hoogenbosch67, Apr 27, 2018, 20:30:43

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Extra photos - see reply answers downstairs. Bottom with a different camera. Thank you Jan


I was thinking it might be some old decoration underneath, that was over-painted, because it looks odd.
A soft ceramic body that is easily scratched is simply not porcelain. To be porcelain it needs to be fired at a certain temperature (usually 1150 degrees or higher) making it very hard. The condition for this is that Kaolin, etc. is present.  Unglazed surfaces are used sometimes with figurines, etc., but then the surface remains unpainted. A painted decoration but no glaze means this is no conventional ceramic item. Anyway, these colors would be difficult to attain with traditional porcelain manufacturing methods and colors. So it is just something else with a ceramic body, I'm afraid.