Yongzheng Mandarin Duck Dish

Started by ssbill, Apr 20, 2018, 03:49:28

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I think the shape and back side is appropriate with enough age but the way the ducks are painted doesn't look like other examples I've seen from the same period. If someone could share his opinion about the colors and the design of the flowers and duck I would be very thankful.


I forgot... I'll post a photo of the foot rim at an angle tomorrow.


a few photos of the bottom at an angle. It isn't a dining plate but a large decoration dish (more than 1 foot) . The foot rim is not what I usually see, is there a difference between large decorative plates and dining plates? This one looks old, but I know everything can be fake. Thanks


I would call it a "Charger"... Size tells me export. I'm usually wrong...Eeekk


Looks like it could be 18th century export, could you post a picture of the foot at an angle please to verify.


That bottom is an 18th century piece indeed.  Yongzheng or maybe even early Qianlong?