Beautiful Porcelain White Stork Vase. I need help with mark. Thank you!

Started by Rajet, Apr 07, 2018, 01:45:04

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I really love this vase.  I recently purchased it from an individual and it looks stunning on my glass end table.  I have a couple of questions.  First, I'd like to know what the red mark says and the age of the vase.  Second, I wanted to point out that the red mark is missing some paint.  Also, there's remnants of red paint on the top rim and I think the whole rim was painted red at one time.  It seems that the red on the vase is the only color that is fading away.  Is that because it was the only color applied after firing?  If so, is there any way to protect what is left?  Thanks for helping me understand this more clearly.


A picture of the bottom.  Thank you, all, for taking a look!


Should I be calling this bird a crane or stork?  Thank you!


This is modern. No traditional shape or decoration. The decoration is too stiff and repetitive to be artistically hand painted. The red mark looks stamped that is why it looks like it's missing parts. No collectors value.


Thank you!  My gut said that was modern a piece but I really do like it.  I see that it does have print (i.e., the legs) but it is painted as well (I. e., the white and black on the bird).  So partially painted and partially printed.  I, however, did not spot the red as being printed.  Thank you!