A Junyao cup or censer

Started by heavenguy, Mar 27, 2018, 22:07:38

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A junyao cup

Hello, this is the Junyao cup. I got the fatalogue of the eskenazi exhibition of Junyao wares and fortunately they had the cups I was expecting to find.

Everything that the bowl is, it is as described in the catalogue.  Size, shape, color and irregularities. Fortunately, they also include the foot rim and its a match.

I?m not really sure if I can post a couple of photos from the catalogue or not. If I may, i?ll post as reference.



the foot rim. seems like it was broken at some point or I don't know if it was made like that.

Thank you


If you want to post pictures, please put them on a cloud storage site, and post the links. This way we will not get into trouble if the search engines show them on our site.


I can not see any worm traces on the item picture. But then, not all items do you have them. But the glaze has too much gloss, perhaps, for a jun item. I also can not see any traces of ingrained soil sediment. I remain sceptical with this one. The age signs of the foot are not very clear.


Hi Peterp, here are the links...



oh and forgot the side...


Don't worry I still wonder myself if I got that lucky... but if I don't believe in the authenticity of my items, who will, lol. Still this is the best source I got to fins similar pieces like mine. They are also very glossy too.