Two Large Chinese Qianlong Vases

Started by mikelv85, Mar 03, 2018, 05:01:11

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Hello Everyone,
                      Here are a pair of vases that were purchased at auction. I did check on Gotheborg's site and both marks seem to be Qianlong. Although I did not recognized the green vases circular mark at first. I thought it was Japanese. Curious whether they are antiques or just decorative copies. The green one is 18" and the yellow vase is 17" tall. Thanks for any help and expertise. -Mike-


One has a qianlong mark and the other a kangxi mark. I think they were  made in after 1950 . The quality of the painting and enamel is poor on the yellow vase and the other looks printed. Also the bottom rim looks artificially old and crude. But I am not an expert, you may want to wait for someone else opinion.


Thanks so much ssbill...I'm inclined to agree but you never know. It's always nice to get a few opinions. I did see the circular mark as Kangxi on Gotheborg's site. Slipped my mind as I was posting. Thanks again. -Mike-


I agree with Ssbill, 2nd half of the 20th century or later.