A white glazed bowl with ink markings

Started by heavenguy, Feb 27, 2018, 11:42:36

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Hey guys,

I was wondering what is your opinion on this bowl. Found similar glazes and foot but not shape. I know with Mingyao pieces the unglazed ring in the middle was very common. but still makes me wonder. any info will be appreciate it.


I found a similar shape in Korean ware but the marking looks more like Chinese. thank you in advance.


Is the foot of the Korean item the same? 
Can you upload a side view of the foot - straight from the side, not at an angle, so that the shape is clearly visible.
On Chinese porcelain hand-painted characters on the base are not marks. More often, but not exclusively, these mean that it is burial ware.


No, sorry I couldn't see the Korean foot rim just the side view The shape was very similar from the side. It was a piece in a museum collection but totally forgot which one.

Anyways, I hope this photos help a little.  I been reading a lot on ceramics before Yuan and learning a bunch . I'm starting to like this world much better than more recent ming and Qing examples and all porcelain in general.

One of the things I notice in this bowl is the uneven applied glaze. There are some spots where the glaze is a little bit more thick and has a brownish color, suggesting an Iron oxide glaze. I also read in a book that Inscriptions in bowls may also be from restaurants with weird messages or phrases. But then again, I'm having this luck with burial items that is becoming a little creepy, hehe.


The foot looks a bit like Yuan. Not sure if it is, though. It might be from a non-mainstream kiln.

Never mind the burial wares. That is part of collecting. I know someone who has a collection of epitaphs going back until the Ming dynasty. I see a lot of burial jars too, going back to the Yuan and Song dynasties.