Fake Guangxu bowls?

Started by Isaac1998, Feb 08, 2018, 18:16:36

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I bought this pair of lotus bowls today which I had believed to be real.

After taking a closer look at them, I am now uncertain. They are not perfect circles but I am not sure whether their shapes are too well done to be hand-spun, and the last three characters of the mark also make me question if they are of the period.

They do so some signs of age (there are light scratches on the interiors of the bowls but they are difficult to photograph), and a few chips, which makes me think they are not brand new, but I would be very happy to get other opinions on the age of these items. What do you think?

Pics here



This looks like the wrong blue color for late Qing and early republic " Guangxu Period ". I wonder if it could be an old bowl that has been redecorated ?


It may well be the lighting in the photos, but the shade of blue didn't ring any alarm bells for me.

After spending a lot of time looking at Guangxu pieces online I am now totally unsure about the age of these items. I cleaned them up and there is a small amount of dirt on the base that will not come off, and also a tiny couple of rust-coloured spots on the glaze that won't wash off. I'm now leaning towards real, but my gut is very uncertain.


Something is odd, but it is difficult to pinpoint what it is. The blue color is usually darker and may or may not be Yanglan, the chemical pigment imported in the late Qing dynasty. This one is not any such color. Then the mark. These bowls are common, unmarked usually. A blue Guangxu reign mark in addition to a worm back foot rim is a bit giving the impression as if it wanted to look imperial. All these do not necessarily mean it is fake. It is just...unusual.