Ming censor?

Started by ssbill, Feb 01, 2018, 02:55:13

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Aight!!! Good Job!! It requires guts to spend money on something you are not 100% sure. I'm glad the starts aligned for you, so congrats...

Same happen to me with the blue tang censer but I'm gonna keep it to my personal museum. Besides, they always want this 30 year old provenance for something you just bought in an estate sale or auction house. I'm like, how on earth I'm suppose to know such things...

to Peterp:

Thank you sir, I'll keep on reading more books on the subject. My next step is to kind of learn about the Kilns in the Song and yuan. The more I read the more fascinating it gets. China really has this amazing history that if it wasn't for Chinese porcelain, i will probably never learned about.


Yes I agree Heavenguy, it is better than the history books that goes in one ear and out the other, Chinese Antique Porcelain really is a great way to learn the history as it touches all periods.


Would be nice if you could let us know what the result was, once the auction house expert has examined the actual item. Did they ask for provenance?


Yes, I will update once they send me an estimate of the value. They didn't ask for provenance. They only ask to examinate it. If you want a quick answer I recommend not to go through their official appraisal process on their website but to email directly one of their specialist. If they feel it is worth their time they usually respond within hours .


It's interesting, we can know if there is a continuation.???