Tongzhi plate

Started by konniela, Jan 26, 2018, 05:30:51

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I am not sure, if this plate is from the period of Tongzhi. I found similar pieces, decoration and colours can be correct. But all similar pieces (fairly serious)  had a six character mark and not a mark like this, so may be Tongzhi revival in Guangxu ?


Looks okey for late 19th century.


Looks like a Tongzhi mark and period.


Yes, Tongzhi mark and period.


Thank you for this realy good news


That explanation is not impossible. But is it likely? It's hard to say, honestly.


This dish has a decoration that was made from about the third quarter of the 19th century to the Guangxu reign. The base shows that it is old. There is a Tongzhi mark. This is not what in Chinese is called "Tongzhi colors", there are also some other decorations in that period, some that were made for much longer. The bat underneath the rim confirms that it is late Qing.