Update: Palace scene qianlong Vase

Started by ssbill, Dec 28, 2017, 07:22:09

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I finally received a photo of the bottom of this vase. Stan said it might be a republic period replica and a photo of the bottom would confirm. I know the photo isn't at a 45 degree angle as you like but I figured it might still help.


Hi Ssbill, Im thinking this is a later piece, I do not see any age signs, but it is a very nice quality hand painted vase, my guess is it is from the 60's, the earlier ones would have writing on the side this looks like it is decorated all around the vase, the 60's is very collectible being that the earlier is getting harder to find.


It's selling for 600usd. How collectible is it?


It is really nice high quality. In my opinion, this one is probably late republic. Circa 40's to be a little more precise. I like stuff like this. Even with the chip, I'll would probably had bought something like this in an instant but for 600 bucks and a chip like that...Uhhh! Not a very wise idea. With Republic period or PROC pieces, It lost like 90% of the value.