Started by konniela, Dec 20, 2017, 00:39:04

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yesterday I bought this cup online. The form looks not like japanese and also not like chinese, especially the handles, so I thought, that it could be an export piece. The decoration looks more like from Japan, but I am really not sure. Just now, I have only these photos.
I could not find another piece to compare.

So I would not be surprised, if I am completly wrong. 

Thank you for your help.


Looks like Qianlong export cup; can you post/link a high res pic of the bottom rim please?


The decoration seems pretty standard for Chinese, I think. Famille verte depicting the Chinese zodiac animals.


I bought it yesterday online, so I only have these photos now.

Later today I can buy the suitable saucer, I hope.  The dealer offered not both together. Then I will present the saucer, may be, these photos can bring help.

Thank you first


Very sad, the saucer is gone, I could not get it.
So I only have the cup. Seems, as if I was too careless.


Chinese, 18th century. Either Yongzheng or Qianlong reign. Probably export porcelain.


The cup is here now and I made more photos to estimate the age better.

Thanks to all informations yet