Help with identifying age and mark of this Chinese porcelain buddha

Started by nonstopmuzik, Dec 04, 2017, 01:56:13

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Hello, I've bought a porcelain buddha that has a mark at the bottom. Could anybody translate what the mark says? And any idea about the age?

Thanks in advance!


I can see the cloth that it was fired on on the bottom, but I have doubts that is would be from the early republic period, first is the bright gold and second is the scrolling vines are similar to ones I have seen from the 1980, that would be my opinion.


Hello Stan,

Thanks.for.your reply so far. I can't find any porcelain buddha like this that has a gold colour on the internet, so it looks quite rare to me? It has a lot.of wear and I really doubt it's not older than 1980's. I'm not saying it's republic, but could it be mid 20th century, or still ecen late republic?

Kind regards


It says ??????.  If you search on google or baidu, you can find other pieces that are similar.  It looks like it very well could be a republican piece.  Perhaps the gilding was added later?


My focus was the scrolling vines, they do not look like antique scrolling vines to me, if you look at the blue band with flowers and where the green scrolling vines meat it looks funny, it dose not flow like on Antique scrolling vine decoration that I have seen, it looks clumsy like the artist did not know what to do, look at other scrolling lotus designs and you will see what I mean.


Thanks hmm and Stan. Could someone translate the calligraphs? My kbowledge of buddhas is quite bad and I really want to learn a bit more about it.