Kangxi Nian Zhi (?) ginger jar

Started by Rec, Oct 30, 2017, 22:39:47

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Hi guys, is these an early 20 century Kangxi Nian Zhi ginger jar?


Hi Rec, all the prunus ginger jars that I have seen with this four character Kangxi mark are from the late Qing period " Kangxi Revival during the Guangxu period " but the neck and  top are glazed and the unglazed are usually Kangxi or mid Qing, is that why you think republic, that would be my guess, the decoration is not like the Kangxi period ones, they have a much higher quality prunus decoration.


Yes, because of the unglazed top and the blue color let me think this could be an early 20century peace. 


Could also be late 19th century. I believe the glazing of necks started only later in the Guangxu reign.