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Started by Rec, Oct 30, 2017, 22:20:15

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I couldn't find any information abouth the character. I was wondering if this is a Japanese, possibly imari bottle vase


Hi Rec, the quality on these are not the usual Japanse traditonal quality that you would see in the Meiji or earlier periods, this is either fairly modern or it is not Japanese, the shape is right but the quality is lacking and I do not recognize this makers mark.


The marks say "Imari"... but like Stan I think the workmanship is of low quality, even if it was copies made in China.


Thanks Peter, that is interesting "Imari Mark" as you know Imari was a port where Japanese porcelain was shipped for export and the porcelain was latter called Imari because if its style and popularity, but the name was never added to a piece, it either unmarked or had a makers mark or the name of the potter or a town where it was made, I have seen recent pieces on ebay that are marked Imari and the sellers say marked Imari, I think marks like these started around last quarter of the 20th century, I have one with an unglazed bottom and marked on the bottom Imari, a large lidded temple jar but of higher quality and very Japanese decoration.


I think this is indeed late 20th c Chinese Imari style...


Hi Mat, the temple jar that i have has the same colors and with the raised blue, it also has the 3 character Imari writing on the bottom, I have often wondered if it was Chinese simply because of the mark, do you have facts your is it an educated guess?


Hi all, I would say that these vases look me as a Macau production of the 1960-70s.
This is a typical Macau style with pale or opaque enamel and an un-Chinese decoration; sometimes the decoration is more similar to Japanese Imari, I think.