Quianlong red marked vase. Opinion please.

Started by Siluett, Oct 10, 2017, 06:07:28

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Its an original or 70's repro or newest?
40cm tall.

Thank You for help!

Have a wonderful day!:)



Hi Siluett, I would have thought modern Japanese Imari, but I never have seen the Japanese use a Qianlong mark in Zhuanshu Script, so maybe modern Chinese.


Hi Stan! Thanks for Your reply! So its fully modern?
I ask quietly... worth it 200 USD?



Probably late 20th or 21st century.
The colors and color combination are almost impossible with traditional porcelain.
I would pay less attention to the mark and more to the decoration, etc. for deciding possible age.


Thank You peterp!

Wow. The seller sold the second vase on ebay 60k usd.
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So the first red stamped vase is japanese vase with chinese stamp?


I don't believe something could sell at that amount on Ebay. Never believe all what you see, especially when it comes to Chinese antiques. Some sellers may try to prop up the price by shill bidding.
Even at a regular auction you would have to have imperial quality, and this is too far from it. The Chinese sell much better quality fakes than that on the Internet.


I think that the first vase is a Macau production of 1960-70?s.
This for the pale color of the enamel and for the un-Chinese style and more Japanese.
Probably these pieces were produced for the Japanese market.
As reference, you can look at this site: gotheborg.com/marks/macaustyle.shtml.

Best regards.