Ceramic bowl ID

Started by lbsegal, Sep 05, 2017, 01:36:49

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I would like to know any info about this large bowl and the marking..Thanks!


These photo's are to small, clear photo's taken of the bottom at an angle and a close up of the mark and any age signs and on of  the detail, thanks.



I do am not sure what the correct size is?


The mark is written in a Chinese Zhuanshu script fashion, and the pictures are still to fuzzy and the mark to small to see, but with what I can see it looks modern, a close up of the foo lion and decoration should be taken next to a window that is allowing natural light onto the bowl.


Stan is right regarding the mark.
Overall seen this would likely be a censer, but the color decoration is nothing traditional. No matter whether the porcelain body is old or not, if it is of Chinese origin it would be relatively modern as the decoration is the last added.
Japanese porcelain usually has no Zhuanshu marks.


So basically it is just a nice modern bowl I can use to make a garden fountain. Thanks for all the info