Chinese Planter Pot - Need Help Identifying

Started by shootthebreeze, Jun 01, 2017, 21:12:43

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I recently inherited this lovely planter and am curious about its provenance. I know very little about Chinese porcelain and am hoping someone here can tell me the following:
- when/where this was made
- is it contemporary, or "fake?"
- any other pertinent information that you think would be useful to me.
I have no intention of selling this item as it was handed down to me by family. I simply want to know more about it!
Thank you all in advance for your time and consideration!


This is a modern copy of the rose medallion pattern, not more than 30 years old in my opinion.


I was assuming it was probably a contemporary piece. Is it safe to assume that the mark on the bottom says this piece is from The Qianlong Period?
Thanks for taking the time to respond.


The mark dose not resemble any of the marks in my book on marks written in the Zhuanshu Script, Imperial marks would have been hand drawn, not stamped, it looks to me like they had no Idea to write an Imperial mark, and besides most marks are Honorific and not of the period that is why you can not date from marks.


Yes, the second character " ...long" is a bit unclear, though.