Blue white jarlet

Started by Ragna, Apr 01, 2017, 02:05:57

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Hi Peter and Stan, perhaps you are able to find out, what this vase is.
I did find a lot of pictures with similar vases, but the most of them dont show the bottom. I do think its Annamese :)


Hi Ragna, I have some small circular lidded containers, from the Hoi an hoard, they do not have any rust spots like this, on such a small item to see that many rust spots raises a red flag to me, I have bought enough in the past with the induced rust spots to know it is not natural on real antiques.


Hi, Stan, you are right.
I rewiewd just a side with many Hoi An Hoard Objects (Trocad---), none of them has rust-spots.
I did not know, that its possible to imitate rustspots.
Thank you very much indeed!