Jar with butterfly on lid

Started by Brattso, Mar 03, 2017, 13:04:09

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The only thing I can say to your post is I know I don't know much at all.  However I do trust people and I am different when it comes to these things.  If some here for instant is interested in something of mine I would not charge a dime.  I would mail it to them and let them decide on what it is worth.  Stupid way of doing things I hear all the time but its just me.
I am certainly not here to decieve or sell something that is fake and charge someone for that.  Maybe just me but that is very twisted to me.  I certainly dont want anything more than fair.  I would not be ok with that at all.
Ok that is all I had to say


I forgot to thank you for your advice I really appreciate it.  I have a lot to learn.  The reason I am selling these things is I don't have room for them.  I dont want to pay 4p0 a month to store in a storage container where the stuff will sit in the dark.  I want people to enjoy them.
Thank you


This is a few photos