Weirdly decorated plate

Started by quintenf, Feb 20, 2017, 00:49:01

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Hello everyone,

I got this plate and I see this kind op decoration quite often lately. I'm wondering what the origin of this decoration is and what the age of this plate is, I assume it is just 20th century. Is this just a decoration used for touristic souvenirs? Or this an authentic decoration?


Thisnis Japanese and it reads Dai Nippon meaning great Japan. Probably 20's to 40's... It's more like a souvenir than a collectors item.


Thanks for the reply! Good to know, does this mean ceramics with this kind of decoration are never old? Or is this decoration based on an old style? What I found really strange is the use of matt black paint, is this for example always new ceramic? Or is this also used on old ceramics?


Plates like these were made for export and made in large quantities and so the collectors value would be low, in my opinion.