Can you please tell me if this mark is from the Kangxi Reign of the Qing Dynasty

Started by baihar, Feb 19, 2017, 00:14:00

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I have tried to research this mark and it looks to me to be from the Kangxi Reign of the Qing Dynasty.  Would appreciate knowing for sure.


Thats a Kangkxi mark but in order to get help you need to show the entire piece. You cannot date the piece without showing the rest of it. Marks are not a sure way to date a piece.


It is a  3 1/2" pot with the rice grain design.  Had a lid but it was broken.


To me the porcelain looks dense and the glaze is to pristine to be Kangxi in my opinion.


There are several things that do not quite conform to a Kangxi item.
The whiteness of the glaze and the bright blue color of the blue bands.
The coral red seems a bit bright too, although the painting style could be right.
The so-called rice grain decoration (uses no rice) started to be used in the Qianlong reign, or Yongzheng at the earliest, as far as I know.
Then, if this is fencai enamel, the six character reign mark would only have been possible if it were imperial porcelain, because fencai began to be used in the late Kangxi reign, and in that time the use of reign marks by private kilns was prohibited.
The content of the blue band is atypical for early Qing, I would say. The floral and scenic decorations of that time are usually quite clear.
In all, the painting is more likely late Qing, but the pristine state of the item makes it look like 20th century.

Recommendation: currently there are lots of polychrome cups on the market, that have official/imperial marks but look pristine. I would buy such items only if there are usage and age signs.