identification of chinese? teapot

Started by john9181, Feb 13, 2017, 04:41:39

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Found this teapot in a charity shop. Have no idea of origin, could someone please help. Any information appreciated.
            Teapot aprox 70mm high x 165mm wide from tip of spout to outer edge of handle.


You need to provide bigger pictures from vase, bottom and other important characteristics.


Sorry, but it has been some considerable time since I used this forum and I have forgot how to upload my pictures. I will have another go. Thank you. John.


Sorry for confusion. Put it down to my age and limited computer knowledge. Found this teapot a couple of days ago. can anyone help me with identification. 70mm high x 165mm from tip of spout to outside edge of handle.Thank you, John.


This is what they call a Chinese Yixing teapot. It looks like it was painted over the brown clay. It looks like black color but is it dark blue? The calligraphy looks a little bit sloppy. I know that the antique ones had perfect calligraphy. Yixing teapots are hard to identify so you will have a hard time identifying it. People in this forum specialize in Porcelain but maybe,  Peterp or Hmm Knows more about it...


Not sure if it was painted or if they used a different clay on the outside, while the inside is e.g. zini.  I'm not so familiar with this type of clay.  Although it looks a bit too smooth for me, to be yixing based on those pictures.  Usually with yixing you can visibly see a lot of the sand particles, etc., at least with this type of clay.  You can always ask on teachat, there's some pretty good experts on yixing there, who actively collect the stuff. 

What's the inside look like?


Thank you heavenguy and Hmm for your input. The interior is light brown/orange in colour and the outside appears a dull greeny/blue.All surfaces are smooth.
          I will see what teachat have to say. Thanks again, john9181


This grayish color is not known to me. Usually they would be more clearly green or blue. But, it indeed seems that an outer layer of a colored clay was applied.
Yixing tea pots come in many variations, there are even some that are Yixing clay inside and pewter on the outside. I cannot read the mark, unfortunately.  This pot does not seem to be very old, however. I would recommend to not use this one for brewing tea for safety reasons.

Here are two articles about Yixing tea wares. Please read the warning at the bottom of the second one.


          Thank you very much for your input. I will read your attachments this evening when I have more time.
          Thanks again, john9181