Chinese? Japanese? Young? Old?

Started by cimage, Feb 02, 2017, 01:06:30

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Have this plate. Don't know much. Is it chinese for export to japan? Is it japanese? The back looks somehow like kraak porcelain, or like some late Imari porcelain...



This is Japanese Arita ware, the decoration is transferred to the plate, late 19th century, and could be later depending on the foot rim.


Thanks Stan.

I knew about the transfer printing. I can't seem to find an approximate foot rim state as this one from the period. Except for the Imari ware.

Then I was wondering about the iconography : I think I can see the chrysanthemum seal on the clothes, so could it be for export? Does it mean anything representing the emperor?


This would have been for export, the transferware was so they could mass produce on a large scale.