your opinion on this two pieces

Started by dexxis, Mar 15, 2017, 13:46:24

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Good evening!

I found this two plates, 5'' long, with this marks. Anyone can tell me anything about it?



Standard Qing dynasty fare. The top one could be 19th century, the lower one earlier in the 18th century.


Thank you for the info! :) what do you think could be the value of these two pieces?


I believe this is not chinese style but korean style


To be more specific, the one on top has a Qing, Jiaqing mark and is of the period. The stylized bat decoration on the  underside of the rim means it must be 19th century. The one on the bottom is probably either Kangxi or Yongzheng, due to the mark, and the chatter marks. The bottom one is from Dehua kiln, the other probably made at JDZ.

And no, they can not be Korean. The bases of Korean items differ from Chinese ones and often show signs of support firing on the foot rim.