is this what they consider a Chinese Imari>?

Started by heavenguy, Mar 15, 2017, 09:31:32

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for the life of me I couldn't find a similar mark. Looks old and has this Chinese aura to it.

Any information will be highly appreciate it.


If there is gilt on the petals, or elsewhere, as the pictures seem to show, then indeed it would be Imari, but I have doubts because of the Wanli mark used. Chinese Imari was made mainly for export in the later Kangxi reign, and should have no such mark. Imari did not exist in the Ming dynasty, and wucai decorations used then did not include gilt.


I start doing research on this but I cannot for the life of me find something similar.

Yes it is gilded on the petals. The blue is underglaze, the iron-red is over glaze and it has green enamel. I never seen such combinations of coors. not even on Japanese war, or at least the ones I have been exposed too. The shapes, flowers and symbols I cannot recognize a single one. Looks old but this could be a 20th century piece. Feels and look old thought.


This is a copy of a Choko/soba cup 20th century, I have never seen a Wanli mark on a Japanese item, mostly Chenghua marks are used, with the 5 colors I would say it is Chinese made.


Thank you stan... Know I know how to look for.