This vas just unique or antique?

Started by Kasanti, Dec 26, 2016, 04:46:48

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Hallo Peter and Stan,
Me again:D
I want to know about this vas.
My family love to collect ceramics but we don't know about the history.
Please help me to identify this beautiful vas.
Thank you so much.


These photo's are not good for visual assessment of age, however what I can see, the dragons look to me to be untraditional and therefore modern in my opinion, when you post also post pictures of any age signs like rust spots dimples, glaze loss or glaze cracks from firing, and closeup photo's of the detail, like the head and tail of the dragon and full bottom pics these are helpful in determining age.


Thank you, Stan:)
I try to upload the pic one by one




This is a modern item. There is a Ming Wanli mark, but this type of foot rim did not exist then. It is from the 20th century.